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The Power of One

Coming Out of Isolation … Together!

We are certainly living in an unusual time, where we, as a global community are experiencing many of the same Corona virus issues, simultaneously. Each of our countries has been affected by different degrees of infection, tragic losses and unfortunately in some countries political grandstanding, incompetence in some cases and great care and efficiency in others. Only time and analysis rather than personal opinion will give us the answers to which strategies worked best. Change is difficult, especially when it occurs too quickly and threatens to restrict our choices and affect the lives, we have worked so hard to achieve.

I find that when we as human beings have sudden change thrust upon us, we react in one of several ways.

We deny that it has happened and try to continue as if nothing has changed.

We get angry and try and find someone or something to blame.

We get anxious and scared, thinking this is the beginning of the end.

We shutdown, thinking that our lives are ruined forever and that all is lost.

We accept that the situation is real, and work toward a positive way of managing it from a knowledge and experienced based community.

Only one of the above is a genuine way forward that ensures we learn and make better choices for us all in future.I hope that from the past 5 months that several things emerge and result in a global strategy that begins to reflect the FACT that we are one people sharing one home, Planet Earth.

The last way, acceptance, is by and far the most beneficial way for us to come through the trials and tribulations that life presents. Acceptance does not mean that you have to agree or even like the thing you are trying to accept, it means that you acknowledge that it is a reality and must be dealt with in the most beneficial way.

This type of reaction demonstrates Emotional Resilience. It implies that a person can surf the ups and downs of life without being destroyed by them or ultimately victim to the consequences of denial, anger, anxiety or shutdown. It means that we are exercising our individual choice to remain empowered about how we want to move forward. The first 4 reactions on the list are responses in fight, flight or freeze reactions. It is fact that when we are in this reflex state of survival, we can't use our higher brain functions of innovative thought, rational and constructive, logical thinking.

There is no denying that these past months have been undeniably tough for so many of us, , so what are some of the things we can do to support ourselves to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Sometimes the smallest and simplest things make the world of difference, because they underpin our life's' patterns and allow us a new perspective going forward.

What have you found during shutdown with your family, or alone? No one doubts that we all love our families and it is normal when spending so much time with them and not having our normal routines and space, that they may at times drive us crazy!So, what have you experienced during lockdown?

Isolation, even with those you love.

A new level of understanding and connection, by discovering the art of listening.

That you know your loved ones better or that you know them hardly at all?

Has your degree of social connection been found wanting? Is it time to connect and belong at long last with like-minded people?

Whether we are coming out of prolonged lockdown in a measured way, or barrelling Gung Ho into full pre-virus mode, in the hope that brute force and willpower to 'return to normal' will cure the pandemic, we have all simultaneously been given a choice, to mindfully change how we move forward and do less of what does not make us happy and more of what makes our hearts sing.

One of the most treasured changes in CBP moving into 202, is our consolidation as a place of belonging. All members are welcome and are invited to establish a place of respect, integrity and sharing, of the beauty of what we know life can bring for us all. We are also, for the first time focusing on our Philanthropic core. Sustainable Philanthropy with cleaning up the [planet and supporting research into management of 21st waste, Building homes for those who will benefit from a permanent place of belonging with their families and community, More research and support to the global community of men who daily face PTSD, depression and life threatening illness alone, because they are men and also aid for girls who have not yet reached women hood and may never experience the right to make their own informed choices due to child marriage.

We have all experienced difficulty in one form or another during this time, and we can all understand that for many this has been a tragic twist in their lives, which has left them shaken to the core by loss on many levels. This has been a time where for many of us we have become more compassionate to others and the randomness of life's happenings.

Asa result first and foremost, the new CBP site, which is truly ground-breaking in its functionality and offerings, will be a meeting place, to share and learn and enjoy each other. We will also be hosting many virtual events, not just because of the restrictions on travel but because we are often separated by thousands of miles and vast stretches of ocean. So, as well as meeting and greeting those you already know, join our secure social groups or our special interest groups, share a coffee and a chat in our coffee shop, shop at our boutique for some amazing treats, or conference and meet for business introductions in our function rooms, all fully secure on our own server.

There is so much for everyone moving forward, as well as an array of intimate events when social distancing protocols allow small gatherings and as soon as we are able, we will be in full swing for partying and face to face fun. We have so much to look forward to.

Meanwhile some tips on re-integrating into a fully mobile life.

Maintain a structure to your day – after the first week or so of lock down, most of us have caught up on our sleep, we should be up and about at a reasonable hour in the morning.

Stick with your routine, of meals, hygiene and exercise. Hold onto your newly found good habits. It has been scientifically proven that walking improves both physical and emotional well-being. Now is a time to maintain your self-care, you have for the first time in a long time been afforded the luxury of time, maintain what will improve and extend it.

Have a routine for those around you, if they are too young to organize themselves.

Take regular breaks, every 40 minutes to stretch, walk, hydrate and chat, keeps us able to engage and maintain good mental focus, even in the office.

Drink plenty of water and avoid the trap of eating too many comfort foods, you may feel better in the short term but not after you have gained Covid -19lbs!

Respect the space of others you live and work with. Have time out from each other where everyone can do their own thing in their own time.

Disagreeing with others, is normal because we are all different, listen and hear, then use only words in as calm and as rational a way as possible to express yourself. If you, or another, need to take time out to gather yourself, take the time to do that.

When gathered at home, share activities like cooking, cleaning, a game, a TV show or a conversation. Listen to others and try to hear things from their point of view, no matter what age they are.

More important than all of the above combined

Laugh as often and as loudly as you can, preferably with those you live with. Laughter unties people, is an excellent release for stress and people who laugh together get on better, bond more quickly and are more understanding of each other.

These have been challenging times, how it unites or breaks us, is up to you.

Warm wishes to you all


Welcome to Circle of Beautiful People

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