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Cosmopolitan entrepreneur, Philippe Baltz Nielsen, is the quintessential connector. As The New Yorker's award-winning Malcolm Gladwell writes, Connectors are an elite group of people so expert in cultivating connections that they are the reason the rest of us are connected, too. Philippe is a man with an extremely diverse cultural background. German-born, he also has Danish and French citizenships. Today, he is a self-made visionary man with varied interests and a passion for innovation and creativity.

Philippe’s career began within the hospitality and entertainment industry. He quickly established himself as a true business visionary and was formally recognized and awarded the status his hard-earned efforts deserved.

Unstoppable, visionary Philippe, over 10 years ago, created and established social media's very first luxury network known as Circle of Beautiful People (CBP), which quickly grew to become one of the world’s most exclusive social media networking communities on Facebook today, assembling outgoing and like-minded people from the luxury industries.

CBP INTERNATIONAL TODAY:  There is distinctiveness to whatever Philippe touches in business; each reaction causing a stir, as is often the way with pioneers. As President and Chairman of CBP, and especially within the nascent world of private luxury clubs, he follows two philosophical cornerstones - honesty and integrity. In the world of CBP, the results are both deep and broad. Through Philippe's strong leadership, as one of the world’s most exclusive social media networking communities on Facebook today, CBP is transformed yet again as a safe private environment that attracts and retains the best members from his over 150 Facebook groups. His's unique communication skills enabled him to draw on the strengths of his expanding social community. And as he directs his discerning attention towards CBP’s members; with a passion for perfection and a love for life, Philippe shares his positive energy throughout the world.

You don't have to be a genius or
A visionary or even a college
graduate to be successful;
you just need a framework
AND a dream.

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Everywhere I look the continents, countries or cities of the world belong to CBP. I see a natural beauty in each of us. I cannot quite take in; it is too much to comprehend. There is nothing to do but sip an espresso and feel it all!

Philippe Baltz Nielsen



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