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Answers to frequently asked questions about Circle of Beautiful People International memberships:​​

Why join CBP International?​

We’re glad you asked. Here are the “Top Five Reasons” to join CBP International:
  1. KEY ACCESS BENEFITS - Receive access to the finest in exquisite, high caliber products and superb services from our luxury lifestyle partners carefully selected for your benefit and privilege
  2. JOIN IN ON THE FUN - Celebrate with us at our many CBP Int’l membership family in posh events on a global and philanthropic level
  3. BUILD CONNECTIONS - Build amazing brand promotional connections with our exclusive hand-picked members of the socially elite in this exclusive community
  4. MAKE LASTING FRIENDSHIPS - with some of the most beautiful people in the world!
  5. GIVING IS RECEIVING - Our posh events support our many philanthropic endeavours as a way of giving back to the community

How can I become a member?​

Becoming a member is by invitation only. New invitees undergo a review prior to final acceptance. Once accepted, you will then be asked to complete the process by paying our membership subscription fee. Payment must be made in full and by credit card. Afterwards, you will receive your personal access to the private social network community along with your membership ID key code that you will need to access all the benefits and social network within our website.

What is the cost of membership?

We offer 12-month membership subscriptions which are non-exchangeable and non-transferrable. Our subscriptions on average come to about the price of a daily cappuccino!

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and bank transfer.

How long will it take for me to become a member?

We process your request as quickly as possible. Once we have received your completed application the approval process takes 1-2 business days. Once accepted we will send you an email with further instructions to process your payment and get you started. You will receive your membership ID key code as soon as payment is processed and can begin to use it for any of our services or products right away. You will then receive a formal membership packet and membership ID key card (if applicable) in the next 2-4 weeks.

Will I get a membership card?

Premium memberships recieve a formal welcome packet and membership ID card. We will mail your membership card and welcome letter directly to the address you provide. If you haven't received your card within that time frame, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will verify your mailing address.

How do I find my member ID number?

Your member ID appears when you sign up for your membership and will clearly be marked on the electronic documents you receive once payment is processed. For premium members, your member ID is also located on the front of your member card next to your name. Alternatively you may call Member Services toll free 1+833-CBP-INTL, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST weekdays to retrieve your ID number.

How soon do I get membership benefits after I join?

Your membership benefits are active the date your dues are paid in full as a new member, or when you renew and pay your subscription in full as a continuing member. You will receive your membership ID number (your key code) that you can use right away to access VIP benefits on any of our luxury lifestyle partner products or services.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

You may print a copy of your membership card at no charge in the Member Center. CBP International Member Services can provide replacement membership cards on request. A replacement fee may be charged for a member card.

Is there a member code of conduct?

Yes. We ask that members be courteous and respectful to all members, visitors, volunteers, and staff. If a member’s behavior is deemed inappropriate by staff, the member may be asked to leave. If there are multiple recorded instances of disruptive behavior, the member may be asked to not attend further events, or the membership may be revoked. (Please also see our Terms of Service)

How do I cancel my membership?

We hate to see you go! You will need to contact us directly to cancel your membership. Feel free to call toll free 1+833-CBP-INTL, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST weekdays or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will assist you in the cancellation process.

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