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    Naim Josefi is a fashion company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since the first collection in 2010, Naim Josefi has become a well known name in the fashion industry and media, both in Sweden and internationally. With an eye for fashion forward design and sophisticated tailoring combined with high technology and innovation, Naim Josefi has received several prestigious awards around the world. 

    He have always strived to innovate to find solutions that form and change the fashion industry. It started with being the first company in the world with creating a 3D printed shoe 9 years ago. In 2015 we started to use a laser technique as treatment of our jeans to lower the use of chemicals and water. Naim quote: We have noticed that others are following our path, which we are so happy to see, as we are a small company and can not alone make the difference that is needed. Our goal is to be 100% sustainable, therefore we carry on with our research and innovation to try to make an impact on the fashion industry.

    Today I went to my friend Naim release party of Melonia shoes, 3D printed shoes as art piece. Wow I want one! 👠
    It has been exhibited at Victoria and Albert museum in London, nominated for designers of the year, MAD in NY and many museums around the world.

    The Meloniaboxes are made from upcycled scrap pieces of acrylic found in Stockholm. #upcycled
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