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    Sustainability has always been a part of Wolford DNA. While sustainability has been the word on everyone’s lips, Wolford has long been busy putting these words into action.

    For the last five years, Wolford has been developing one of the textile industry’s most sustainable products to date – its Cradle to Cradle Collection.

    Wolford is the first textile company in the world to achieve gold level accreditation from Cradle to Cradle and close its production loop on both a technical and biological level. By 2025, Wolford aims to produce 50% of its entire product range under the same exacting environmental and ethical standards.

    Wolford talkes about how the linear economy’s ‘take, make, waste’ ethos is no longer an option and how Wolford’s Cradle to Cradle collection can become a precedent to inspire brands to go at a slower and more sustainable pace even in a fast-moving world.

    Wolford have been working on this collection for the past five years. It took a lot of effort because they had to rethink the entire production process, from supply chain to dyeing.

    One of the most difficult challenges was rethinking the components of the products. Wolford had to go back to the very beginning and research colours, yarns etc. The next challenge was the dyeing process. They had to find colours that didn’t release any harmful substances. This was actually the reason why Wolford only offered black products in the beginning. At that point, black was the only colour suitable for our Cradle to Cradle Certified range.  Today however, they got some other colours like white, blue and jade green.

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